Sevn Stars Tree

Famous oak tree that was once used on the packaging of seven stars tobacco.
These photographs were taken by taking a step back towards the road.
If you see anyone going into the fields. please kindly remind them of the rules and ask them to help us protecting our beautiful.


Depending on the time of day, the number of tourists is concentrated, and it is a dangerous situation with sightseeing buses, rental cars, hired cars, and pedestrians overflowing on the road.
In proportion to the traffic volume, the risk of accidents also increases, so in order to prevent rear-end collisions, please keep a sufficient distance between vehicles and drive safely.
In addition, during the busy farming season, large agricultural vehicles frequently pass through. The rolling hills of wheat fields are a landscape that feels like summer, but please do not enter the fields. Please cooperate so as not to block the passage of large agricultural vehicles.
There are not many toilets or parking lots in the surrounding area, so please be sure to use the restroom before departure.
Congestion is expected to be even higher during consecutive holidays such as weekends and holidays, national holidays, and Obon holidays.
Address Hokuei, Biei, Kamikawagun, Hokkaido
Access 13 minutes by car from JR Biei Station
Parking Available(Free)
TEL MAP CODE : 389 157 129
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※ 国土交通省及び管轄航空局長から無人飛行機の飛行に係わる許可及び申請承認を受けたもので、かつ地権者の同意を得たもの

※ 航空法により一部の飛行は禁止されており承認が必要です。


詳しくは、NPO法人美瑛町写真映像協会(美瑛町商工観光交流課 電話 0166-92-4321)へお問い合わせください。

Attractions in the Hill Town of Biei