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観光客の皆様へのおねがい A request to all visitors

Observe good sightseeing manners in Biei, the town of hills.
Make happy memories.

Never enter farmland.

It can cause harm to crops from the shoes through the soil.

Do not obstruct traffic.

To prevent accidents, please be very careful on the roadway and leave immediately.

Do not enter gravel or farm roads. Stay on paved roads.

The field is the farmer’s private property, so unauthorized trespassing is illegal.

In principle, drone flights and aerial photography are prohibited in Biei Town.

Except for those who have received prior permission.

No entry to farmland in snowfields.

All the snow covered hills are private property. Wheat and other crops are growing under the snow. Please do not enter the area except on public roads where the snow has been plowed.

Do not walk on the frozen blue pond.

The ice may break and fall off. It is very dangerous.

Do not dump rocks or trash in the blue pond.