Restaurant ASPERGES
Address Within Biei Senka, Omachi 2-chome, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
Access 2 km from JR Biei Station
Parking Available (free)
TEL +81-166-92-5522
Fee Lunch courses 2,800–4,800 yen
Dinner courses 3,800– 6,800 yen
A-la-carte and dessert menus also available
Opening period Apr. –Nov.
Opening hours Lunch time: 11:00–14:30
Tea time: 14:30–16:00
Dinner time: 17:00–19:00
 (Until 20:00 in Jul. and Aug.)
Please check our web site for the details
Closed Wednesday
others We offer the appearance of the current field of Biei by the most delicious recipe.
Yo0u can feel the seasonal deliciousness of the ingredients grown up in the hills of here, biei.

Biei is famous as a town of the hill.
The landscape of BIEI, white-closed in winter, will shine at once as spring comes.
The fields, which were all brown, will get fully green in summer, and red and yellow in autumn. Yes, they have very expressive in every seasons and attractive to us.

Biei, at the foot of the Tokachi Mountain Range where the tributaries of the Ishikari River flows, is ideal place for agriculture.
Vegetables grown up as they are in the gap of the temperature in day and night will be confine the taste and sweetness in themselves and give us a pleasure.
We want you to enjoy the delicious vegetables of Biei as a unique Biei dish which brings out full taste of the season.

Having those thoughts, collaborative project between Mr. Hiroshi Nakamichi who is the one of the most famous shef in Hokkaido and JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperatives) Biei has began.

We hope that you will like Biei's foodstuffs such as vegetables, rice, and livestock products with their seasonal deliciousness.

Attractions in the Hill Town of Biei