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観光客の皆様へのおねがい A request to all visitors

List of recommended snow activities you can enjoy in Biei-cho. You can also experience the world of minus 20 degrees Celsius!


Walking on the fluffy snow while enjoying the slope of the hills or adventuring through the Christmas tree forest is an experience unique to Biei. You might even come across animal footprints or pure white trees covered in hoarfrost?! It’s perfect for taking commemorative photos with the snowscape as the background.

“Winter Stroll” – Scenic Snowshoe Experience on the Hills of Biei

“Entry into the field is permitted with the landowner’s permission. Unauthorized entry is strictly prohibited.”
Opening period 12月中旬~3月上旬( ※積雪の状況で変更になる場合があります。)
TEL 0166-74-5757
外国語対応 〇 英語のみ
Fee 大人・子供(小学生以上)同額:6,000円


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The famous ShikisainoOka, known for its tourist flower fields. During the winter season, the viewpoint flower fields are buried under snow, transforming into “Snow Land.” In Snow Land, even beginners can easily enjoy the snow and nature with activities such as snow rafting, snowmobiling, and sledding.


The recent sports trend of airboarding involves riding on an inflatable board, lying prone, and sliding down headfirst. The exhilarating sensation of speed and thrill just above the snow surface is addictive once experienced! Why not try out the thrilling experience of airboarding?

This exhilarating sensation is addictive! Experience Airboarding in Biei.

Opening period 12月下旬~2月末( ※積雪の状況で変更になる場合があります。)
外国語対応 〇 英語のみ
Fee 大人(中学生以上)1人:5,000円


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Snow Art

In late January to mid-February, colorful ice balls and snow-made playgrounds appear in Biei. At night, the romantic sight of illuminated ice balls and snow candles will surely touch your heart. Explore Biei and discover winter artworks!

How to Enjoy the Minus 20 Degrees Celsius World

Soap bubbles freeze too.

Mysterious Transparent Human?!