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Detailed info about Shirogane Blue Pond

The parking area of Shirogane Blue Pond will be opened from Apr 15th, and we can see the Blue Pond.

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Refreshing Line

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  • Address
    Shirogane, Biei-cho, Kamikawa-gun, Hokkaido
  • Access
    It is about 25 min. driving by car from JR Biei Station to the Blue Pond.
    Please use the map code below.
    It is about 25 min. riding by Dohoku Bus from near JR Biei Station to the Blue Pond.

    【The Bus Schedule】

    No.2 (To Blue Pond)
    Dep. Biei 6:55 Ari. Blue Pond 7:15
    No.2 (Back to Biei)
    Dep. Blue Pond 7:39 Ari. Biei 8:08

    No.4 (To Blue Pond)
    Dep. Biei 9:26 Ari. Blue Pond 9:26
    No.4 (Back to Biei)
    Dep. Blue Pond 10:24 Ari. Biei 10:53

    No.5 (To Blue Pond)
    Dep. Biei 12:11 Ari. Blue Pond 12:31
    No.5 (Back to Biei)
    Dep. Blue Pond 13:09 Ari. Biei 13:38

    No.7 (To Blue Pond)
    Dep. Biei 15:46 Ari. Blue Pond 16:06
    No.7 (Back to Biei)
    Dep. Blue Pond 16:45 Ari. Biei 17:14

    No.8 (To Blue Pond)
    Dep. Biei 17:26 Ari. Blue Pond 17:46
    No.8 (Back to Biei)
    Dep. Blue Pond 18:19 Ari. Biei 18:45
    ※Time could be changed by Dohoku Bus.

  • Map code
    MAPCODE 349 569 813*8 叉は(349 568 888)
  • Parking
    Able to park 100 cars. Able to park 10 buses.
  • Rate
  • remarks
    Normally, it's opened 24 hr in a day, but there is no illuminated facilitis except special times in winter. Therefore, we would like you to be careful for the sightseeing time.

    【May 〜 Oct】
    You could see the Blue Pond in the daytime. The color of the Blue Pond depends on the weather of last 3days. If it had a lot of rain, the color could be light green or dark green. If it had sunshine for last 3days, it could be superb blue you have ever seen!

    【Apr & Nov】
    It is the season of changing the snow condition. Please pay attention to the weather forecast about snowing & melting information. In case of we could not keep safety near the Blue Pond, there is a possibility to close the Blue Pond for safety.

    【Dec 〜 Mar】
    It is an Winter time!
    The Blue Pond would be frozen & it would looks like normal snow field.
    HOWEVER! we started to illuminate the Blue Pond from last season!!!

    The picture above is the one of the last season.
    It's so beautiful!
    You could see the illuminated Blue Pond only at limited time.

    【The illuminated Blue Pond Schedule】
    Date : Nov. 1 2016 〜 Feb. 28. 2017
    (Starting date could be changed by the weather)

    Time : 17:00 〜 21:00
    (Time could be changed by sunset time)
    ※We have a plan to have a temporaly toilet in the parking area.

    We are waiting for you to come to The iluuminated Blue Pond!!!