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【 5 Jul. 2020 】
美瑛1日ツアー_BIEI ONE Day Tourのお知らせ_光交通


[運用日]毎日の日を除いて毎日. & 5-7日.
[ツアー価格] Adult:6,000yen / Child:4,500yen
[割引] 500日前に予約すると500円のdicountをゲットできます.
[出発場所] jr旭川駅.
*また, jr美瑛駅から参加できます.

このツアーに興味がある方は, 私たちのウェブサイトを訪問してください.



The information about “Biei One Day Tour in January, 2020”

[Operation Date] Everyday except every SUN.
[Departure Place] JR Asahikawa Station
* You can also join from JR Biei Sta.
[Departure Time] 12:50
[Finish Time] 19:00
[Tour Price] @6,000yen for adult / @4,500yen for child
[Discount] You can get 500yen discount if you book in advance(One day before the date you join)
[Minimum number of participants] 4 people

Please visit our website for more detail.
We look forward to seeing you.
Thank you.


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