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観光客の皆様へのおねがい A request to all visitors

The schedule of the illumination of Shirogane Blue Pond & shirahige Waterfalls in 2017 has changed.


We started this winter illumination for tourism promotion and introducing
the art & culture here in Winter.

A story is expressed with several lighting for every 10 min. So, we hope you will find your favorite scene in it.

We are now promoting beautiful scenery in Shirogane area!

  ※100% natural hot springs at Shirogane will make you warm and refresh after enjoying these illuminations.

  ※Please take warm clothes with you.

<When & What time>

1st/November/2017 – 31st/March/2018

17:00-21:00 (16:00-21:00 between Dec/18th/2017-Jan/31st/2018)

  *It could be canceled for bad wheather.

>Click here for Biei town homepage http://town.biei.hokkaido.jp/about/event/illuminate.html

Blue pond (Image of winter illumination)
The image in the mid-December (daytime)

Keep out of non-permitted area because of danger.

Do not enter the pond or throw stones to the pond.

Do not throw stones
waterfalls(Image of the winter illumination)
Shirahite waterfalls (daytime)

<Biei View Bus 美遊バス Winter Illumination course>

Why not visit these fantastic illuminations of Blue Pond & Shirahige waterfalls with experienced guide?

We will start bus tour to visit these two places at night in this coming December!

Enjoy these mystic winter very different from summer’s!

weekend, and national holiday between 2017/Dec/02~2018/Mar/31

everyday between 2018/Feb/5~9

   *No operation between 2017/Dec/30~2018/Jan/1

Click here for Booking & Purchase 「Jitabi 地旅」

<Timetable to Shirogane hot springs & information
about bus stops>

There are also route buses to go to BIei Shirogane hot sorings or Shirahige waterfalls.↓

※Shirogane Blue Pond is iced and covered with snow during winter.

To Douhoku Bus Homepage 道北バス株式会社

Map of bus stops around JR Biei station

<Taxi company>

BIEI HIRE 美瑛ハイヤー 0166-92-1181