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観光客の皆様へのおねがい 向各位旅客的請求

Ways to travel by bus

If you want to get around popular sightseeing spots efficiently, we recommend the View Bus.It is convenient for sightseeing trips with friends or families.

【View Bus】sponsorship:Biei Tourism Association

If you want to go around Biei, you can take the View bus! It is a tour of about 2 hours ~ 2 hours and 30 minutes around popular spots in Biei in winter, such as the fantastic blue pond that is beautifully lit up and Shirahige Falls.

Click here to make a reservation▶11月-2024年1月運行 16:15発 / 2024年2月運行 16:40発 The winter bus tour has come to an end.

【Biei Bus】sponsorship:Hikaritraffic

This is a 4-hour Biei day bus tour that takes you through the popular Blue Pond, Shirahige Falls, Ken and Mary Tree, Seven Star Tree, and more.

Click here to make a reservation▶March Biei Bus Tour

Ways to travel by taxi

Since it is a charter time system, you can use it for your own original course or enjoy Biei while consulting with a driver who knows the local area well.

美瑛ハイヤー 美瑛町本町1丁目 ☎0166-92-1181


Ways to travel by rental car

Those who want to rent casually in Biei Town▶丘のまちびえいカーシェアサービス It’s convenient.

※Car rental shop in Biei▶1 store

※Looking for near Asahikawa Airport▶Here

Ways to travel by cycling

Traveling by bike allows you to spend a leisurely time around the hills at your own pace.You may even encounter a spectacular view that you will pass by as it is on the drive! There are bicycle rental shops around Biei Station and Bibaushi Station, so you can feel free to consult with them.There are also guided cycling tours.

【Around Biei Station】

Matsuura shop Motomachi 1-chome,Biei-cho ☎0166-92-1415 / ■Terashima Company Motomachi 1-chome,Biei-cho ☎0166-92-2191

Sugimoto Motomachi 1-chome 3-20,Biei-cho ☎0166-92-1462 / ■Guided Cycling Tour Omachi 1-chome,Biei-cho  ☎090-5956-4567

【Around Bibaushi Station】

Guide-no-Yamagoya Bibaushi Minami 1-chome 5-52,Biei-cho ☎0166-95-2277

【Shirogane Area】

Biei Roadside Rest Area「Shirogane BIRKE」 Shirogane , Biei-cho ☎0166-94-3355

【Guided cycling tour】

Cycling Tour/Snowshoe Tour Biei’s Guide Omachi 1-chome,Biei-cho  ☎090-5956-4567 / ■Biei Bicycle Tour      ☎090-6218-1111


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