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観光客の皆様へのおねがい 관관객여러분께부탁드립니다

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星空ガイドと一緒に星空を見上げてみよう♪ ~美瑛に泊まって星空観察体験☆

都会では決して見ることのできない、手が届きそうな満天の星。 「あの明るい星はなんだろう?」 そんな疑問にも、星空ガイドがお答えします! 季節の見頃の星座や、星たちの物語などもご紹介♪ 夜空を見上げながら、みんなで星座を探すの……

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Patchwork Hills Walk

This walking tour is in the company of our knowledgeable and attentive nature guide. Enjoy every moment with your guide……

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Forest Walk in Shirogane Primeval Forest

Forget everything you thought you knew about the forest. When you explore it with a nature guide, you'll discover many w……

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Mt. Tokachi Mini Trekking

Set off from an observation platform halfway up Mt. Tokachi in Daisetsuzan National Park and enjoy about an hour of mini……

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Harvesting Asparagus on a Scenic Biei Hill

Have you ever seen how an asparagus grows? If you take a nibble out of a freshly-picked asparagus, the natural sweetnes……

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AgriWalk - Exclusive Farm Field Experience

This is one of our special guided experiences created in collaboration with Biei's farmers. The view from the fields th……

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じっくりたっぷり森を堪能! 白金原生林フォレストウォーク・ジオコース

大人気のフォレストウォークに、新しくロングコースができました! 十勝岳ジオパークの認定ジオガイドが案内する、本格的なトレイルウォークです。 小川の飛び石を渡ったり、岩場の登り下りをしたり、アドベンチャー感も満載。 トトロの森に迷い込ん……

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Wheat Harvesting on a Biei Hill and Bread Made with Biei Wheat

Wheat-- the crop covering the most agricultural land in Biei. Wouldn't you like to enjoy a special experience, surround……

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Experience Biei's Fresh Sweetcorn! Corn Harvesting in Biei.

Receive special permission from Biei's farmers and enter a corn field for a harvesting experience. Taste fresh white sw……

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Colourful Potato Digging Experience

"Potatoes are boring!" Well, that's where you're wrong! Yellow, pink, purple... Did you know that potatoes were this co……

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