Notice from Biei Tourist Association
【 3 Dec. 2022 】
We thank you for your kind understanding upon using the Biei View Bus.

Thank you for your constant patronage.

Due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus Covid-19, we took the decision to cancel Biei View Bus tours from March. However, on the subject of Biei View Bus tours operating from May 1st 2020, we have prepared a web reservation page as below.


We would like to thank those who have already enquired and made reservations for the summer tours.

At the present time, there is no forecast for the end of the current state of affairs and we have had many applications for summer tours. However, if we receive any special alerts etc from public institutions or offices or if there are restrictions imposed on establishments / destinations visited as part of the tour, there may be instances where we will deem that the tour must be changed or cancelled.

Only in the event that the tour is cancelled due to a natural disaster or the outbreak of novel coronavirus will we provide a refund of the tour fee. In addition, when it comes to the operation of these tours, we will make decisions based on putting the protection of your health first.

We at the tourism association will continue to do our absolute best for your peace of mind and so that you can enjoy your time in Hill Town Biei and we are most grateful for your continued support.

For those coming to the tourism information centre to discuss trips and so on, we currently have an alcoholic hand sanitizer installed at reception and all of our staff have, as a general rule, been asked to wear masks.

We thank you for your kind understanding upon using the Biei View Bus.


Biei Tourism Association




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