Notice from members (shops)
【 30 Oct. 2023 】
This is an announcement from Shinzo Maeda Photo Gallery "Takushinkan"

The current "COLORS OF THE HILLS" exhibition will end on Tuesday, October 31, and the Takushinkan will be temporarily closed for exhibition changes on November 1 (Wednesday) and 2 (Thursday), 2023.

A new exhibition "COLORS OF THE SNOW" will be held from 11/3 (Friday). This is a photo exhibition on the theme of the color of snow by Shinzo Maeda and his grandson, Kei Maeda.This will be the first time that Kei Maeda's photographs will be exhibited at the Takushinkan.The various colors of the winter hills from the 1970s to the present day brightly and quietly color the Takushinkan.We plan to replace all the photos, so please visit Biei again if you have visited the current exhibition.

The museum is scheduled to be open every day during the exhibition period until Sunday, March 31, 2024. Please note that from November, the museum will close one hour earlier from 10:00 to 16:00 (last admission 15:45).


Notice from Biei Tourist Association
【 26 Sep. 2023 】
This is a guide to the Biei day trip bus tour from Hikari Kotsu.

Hikari Kotsu has started accepting reservations for the October Biei day trip bus tour.
There are a total of 8 sightseeing spots to visit, including Tokachidake Bodakedai, Blue Pond, Whitebeard Falls, Ken and Mary Tree, Oyako Tree, Mild Seven Hill, and Northwest Hill!
You can enjoy Biei in full.

Please see the leaflet for details. ▽

Notice from Biei Tourist Association
【 15 Sep. 2023 】
The photo exhibition "Four Seasons Biei" is being held

The gallery on the first floor of the hill town exchange center "Be Ere" is currently holding a photo exhibition "Four Seasons Biei".
Landscape photographs by members of the NPO Biei Town Photographic and Video Association and animal-themed works by photographer Hiroki Inoue are on display.
Please take this opportunity to take a look

Period: Tuesday, September 12, 2023 ~ Sunday, September 24, 2023
    10 a.m. ~ 7 p.m. (until 4:30 p.m. on the last day)

Notice from Biei Tourist Association
【 31 Aug. 2023 】
"The 14th Hill Town Century Ride" held

On Sunday, September 10, the 14th Hill Town Century Ride will be held.
On the day of the event, cyclists participating in this race will be driving around the town, so please give us warm support from the roadside.
This race is not a race for ranking or time, but a competition in which general participants and instructors run together, obey traffic laws and race regulations, and praise those who finish the race.
More information▽

Notice from members (shops)
【 29 Aug. 2023 】
Ferme La Terre "Nonno's Hut" OPEN☆

On August 10th, Ferme La Terre opened a new takeout facility "Nonno's Hut"!
The cute Scandinavian style building makes you feel like you are in the Moomin world.
There are many attractive products such as parfait with Blancmanger of Biei jersey milk and Yumepirika rice puff and additive-free soft-serve ice cream!
Please stop by for a drive break or dessert after meals ☆

Notice from members (shops)
【 28 Aug. 2023 】
This is a day trip bus tour from Hikari Kotsu.

Hikari Kotsu operates a day trip bus tour around Biei's sightseeing spots!
You can enjoy Biei in its entirety with the popular Shirogane Blue Pond, Whitebeard Falls, Ken and Mary Tree, Seven Star Tree, and more!
If you want to see Biei at a great price, please


Notice from Biei Tourist Association
【 24 Aug. 2023 】
A request to everyone visiting Biei!
A request from Biei Town. ~Please observe the tourist rules and traffic rules~

A request to everyone visiting Biei!
The undulating hills of Biei look like a vast flower garden in the summer and a snowy field in the winter, but most of them are actually private land owned by farmers.
In order to pass on these pastoral landscapes to future generations, we must never enter the fields of farmers, always leave them from paved areas, and from areas cleared of snow during the snowy season.
Enjoy the scenery and take pictures.
(We spare no effort in growing our crops so that we can deliver safe and delicious agricultural products to everyone's table.)Also,

when stopping on a narrow road, please be careful not to block traffic.

Please do not trample on fields (private land) or obstruct traffic. It is especially dangerous to stop or sit in the middle of the road.
Please move quickly when the car arrives.


Ken and Mary Tree/Seven Star Tree
Parking is limited.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
To prevent traffic accidents, do not park on the street outside the parking lot.

Mild Seven Hills/Christmas Tree

There is no space for large vehicles to park and no road width to allow oncoming traffic to pass.
Do not park large vehicles on the street.

Takushinkan (Please follow the passage of the Shirakaba Corridor.)
Parking is limited. You can also use the parking lot of the building opposite the Takushinkan
(Yui no Mori *Business day), thank you for your understanding and cooperation. To prevent traffic accidents, do not park on the street outside the parking lot. It is the passage of the birch corridor that many people visit, but there is a flower bed outside
the passage with plants planted in it.
Although it is snowy now, there are also lavender and fruit trees, It is a place carefully cultivated like a farmer's own field (field). Please don't step out of the aisle and trample on the plants. Please follow the "Biei Yamanomachi Sightseeing Etiquette" and
cooperate with farming activities and the lives of ordinary residents.
Notice from Biei Tourist Association
【 21 Jul. 2023 】

☆Please cooperate to enjoy a safe and comfortable trip☆

With the tourist season approaching, tourists are concentrated depending on the time of day, mainly in sightseeing spots in the Shirokane area such as the northwest hill, Ken and Mary trees, the patchwork area around Seven Stars, the panoramic area such as Shikisai Hill, the blue pond, and Shirahige Falls, and pedestrians such as sightseeing buses, rental cars, and hire cars are overflowing on the road.
As the risk of accidents increases in proportion to the amount of traffic, please keep a sufficient distance between vehicles and drive safely to prevent rear-end collisions.
In addition, large farm trucks frequently pass through the busy farming season. The wheat fields spread out in the hills are a summer-like landscape, but please do not enter the fields. We ask for your cooperation in not obstructing the passage of large agricultural vehicles.

There are not many toilets or parking lots in the vicinity, so please be sure to clean the restrooms before departure.
Consecutive holidays such as Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, national holidays, Obon holidays, etc. are expected to be even more crowded, so we ask for your cooperation in decentralizing the time and place as much as possible.
※Seven Star Tree, northwest hill Surrounding area Congestion forecast time     
10:00~13:00(Generally 10:30~11:30)
※Shikisai Hill, Blue Pond, Shirahige Falls, etc. Area Congestion prediction time zone   
14:00~16:00(Generally 14:30~15:30)

Notice from Biei Tourist Association
【 19 Jul. 2023 】
Please help us to enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.

Please help us to enjoy a safe and comfortable trip.
In the middle of July, there are many congestions and traffic jams especially around the parking lots of popular spots in Biei.
In particular, if you are planning to visit Shikisai no Oka, Shirogane Blue Pond, or Shirahige Falls in the afternoon, please allow yourself plenty of time.
Thank you for your consideration in safe driving.

Attractions in the Hill Town of Biei