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The town of Biei holds a variety of events throughout the year, such as Biei Heathly Marathon, food-themed events, cultural festivals and snow festival in winter. Everyone is welcome to participate.


Miyasama International Ski Marathon in Biei

Conquer the great outdoors to become a champion of the winter white wonderland!
With the Tokachi Mountain Range in the background, glide smoothly between the white birch and Japanese larch trees and over the gently undulating hills towards the finish line. Participants receive a commemorative badge and the chance to win prizes in a draw, and all finishers receive a certificate.

Holding months February 17,2019
Places Assemble at the Biei Sports Centre Start: Shirogane Information Centre
Notes 0166-92-3333 * Please submit entries by phone or via the website


Opening of the climbing season on Mt. Tokachi-dake

Nothing beats the refreshing feeling and panoramic view!
Every year, in mid-June, the climbing season begins on Mt. Tokachi-dake. And every year, after a ceremony to pray for safety, a celebratory group climb is held.

Holding months 19/JUN/2022(SUN)
Places Bougaku-dai (Mt. Tokachi-dake Observatory)
Notes 0166-92-4378 Town of Biei Tourism Association.
*To prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, the number of applicants will be small.

Oka-no-machi Biei Healthy Marathon

Why not come and run amid the gentle breeze and the aromas and hues of fresh vegetation?
Run along the town streets amid the fresh spring breeze and verdant white birch, and over the gentle hills toward the finish line.

Holding months 12/JUN/2022
Places Venue: Maruyama Sports and Track & Field Park Start: Shirogane Information Center
Notes 0166-92-3333 Biei Healthy Marathon Organizing Committee



Nachi Biei Fire Festival

Started in 1989, it is a grand festival in which men dressed in white traditional costumes carry burning large torches and parade through the streets at night to the shrine, wishing for the prosperity of Biei Town and the calming of Mt.Tokachi-dake.

In the darkness of the night, men carrying 12 large torches parade through the town to the Biei Shrine, and dedicate the flames of another 12 large torches inside the shrine.

This is a sacred festival where you can feel the power of the flames of the large torches and the excitement of the festival up close.

Holding months July 24
Undecided yet about holding this event in 2021.
Places Biei Shrine
Notes 0166-92-4321 Nachi Fire Festival Organizing Committee





Holding months 2021年8月1日~2021年9月30日
Places 四季の情報館(受付場所)
Notes 【丘のまちびえいサイクルスタンプラリー】
 1. 期間:令和3年8月1日(日)~9月30日(木) 
 3. 内容:町内各所に約40ヶ所のチェックポイントを設定し、それぞれに設置されたチェックポイントにおいて、

電 話:0166-92-3333


びえいどかんと農業まつりは、8月中旬開催されます。 当日は、地元美瑛の特産品販売のほか、ステージイベントでは歌謡ショーをはじめ、お笑いライブやキャラクターショー、 アルパカ牧場など、仮装盆おどり、白金太鼓、花火大会なども盛りだくさんです。 皆さんのご来場お待ちしています。

Holding months Undecided yet about holding this event in 2022.
Places 美瑛駅前広場
Notes 丘のまちフェスティバル実行委員会
本通り等 7:00~22:00まで通行止めとなります。



Biei Century Ride

The vast, wide-open fields at the foot of the Tokachi Mountain Range and the gently undulating hills provide a welcoming backdrop for cyclists of all abilities, from beginners to more experienced riders.
The suitable balance of ups and downs and the beautiful views that await at the top of each hill invite emotions you've perhaps never experienced before.

Holding months 2020年度は、新型コロナウイルス感染症の拡大防止のため、開催を中止することとなりました。
Places Depart from Biei Maruyama Stadium & Sports Centre
Notes 0166-92-3333 Biei, town of hills Eco Sports Group
Entries accepted from June 1. See here for details.

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