• There is a variety of udon using local wheat, noodles such as udon served with …
  • ランチはどれもボリューム満点!定食メニューはご飯のお替りできます。 店長の一番のオススメは、ポークチャップ!です。ぜひお試しください。 夏のシーズンは愛犬と…
  • ポークカレー・チョコパフェ等。
  • It is a pub filled with volume
  • The 2nd floor of Koigawa contains a spacious Japanese-style room for leisurely d…
  • Relax, as if you were at home.
  • JR美瑛駅を背にして直進、郵便局の向かいです。
    It is also recommended that everyone visit Biei station and visit by themselves.
  • Attractions in the Hill Town of Biei