【JUN 15-AUG 31】-Course A- Shirogane & Flower Garden Course

【JUN 15-AUG 31】-Course A- Shirogane & Flower Garden Course

In this course, we will go to the famous sightseeing spots, "Blue Pond"and "Shirahige Waterfall" in Shirogane area, "Shikisai-no-oka Flower Garden", and "Shin-ei-no-oka View Park for panoramic view of rolling hills.

We are looking forward to seeing you in this bus tour !


【Where to go】

9:45 Shikino Jouhoukan Dep.⇒Shirogane Blue Pond (Stop)⇒Shirahige Waterfall (Stop)⇒Shikisai-no-oka Flower Garden (Stop)⇒Shin-ei-no-oka View Park (Non-Stop)⇒12:30 Shikino Jouhoukan Arr.

ツアー料金 Adult 2,500 yen
Child(6-12 years) 1,250yen 
 free for under 5(no seats)
催行期間/催行日 15/JUN/2019 - 31/AUG/2019
所要時間/日数 day trip (2 hour & 45 minutes)
予約申込・購入 https://jitabi.ne.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=1024
予約申込・購入(英語) https://jitabi.ne.jp/products/detail.php?product_id=1034&lang=en
お問い合わせ Resister your information with above web site, and then you can book and purchase.
集合場所 Shiki-no-Jyouhoukan
主催 Biei Touristm Iformation
Notes 1.※Buses will depart on time. Please make sure you are not to be late.
2.We always aim to operate our bus service on time. However, please note that unforseen circumstances such as road or weather conditions may cause us to shorten stoppage times at sightseeing locations, or to change the sightseeing route.
3.Please keep your valuables with you during the bus tour.
5.All seats are non-reserved but please not to move your seats after the tour start.

Attractions in the Hill Town of Biei