【SEP 1- OCT 10 Dep.】-Course B- Blue Pond & Bougakudai Course

【Every day from Sep. 1 - Oct.10】
In this course, we will visit San-ai-no-Oka View Park which is one of the Biei's typical sceneries of rolling hills, and popular places such as . blue Pond, Shirahige  Waterfall, and Tokachi-dake .observatory
We are now looking forward to seeing you in this bus tour !


【Where to go】

13:50 Shikino Jouhoukan Dep.

 ⇒Sanai View Park (non stop)

 ⇒Shirogane Blue Pond (Stop)

 ⇒Bougaku-dai (Mt. Tokachi-dake Observatory) (Stop)

 ⇒Shirahige Waterfall (Stop)

 ⇒16:20 Shikino Jouhoukan Arr.

* Bus will stop at each sightseeing spots and allow getting off to visit.
For those staying at Shirogane Onsen Hot Springs, getting off at "Shirahige-no-Taki Falls" is possible. Please contact us in advance for details. 


We are sincerely looking forward to your visit and participation. 

ツアー料金 Adult 3,000 yen
Child(6-12 years) 1,500yen
Free for Under 5-years-old. (Same as the child fee when you need seat for them)

*If you would like to travel in two seats (twin seats), the price is 3,500 yen per person.
(There is no child fare)
催行期間/催行日 1/SEP/2022 - 10/OCT/2022
所要時間/日数 day trip (2 hour & 30 minutes)
予約申込・購入 右右のカレンダーより、該当するウェブサイトにてご予約ご購入下さい
予約申込・購入(英語) Please visit the relevant website on the calendar on the right to make your booking and purchase.
お問い合わせ Resister your information with above web site, and then you can book and purchase.
Please note the booking by phone, facsimile, or email is not available.
集合場所 Shiki-no-Jyouhoukan
(Biei Tourism Information Center/1 minute from JR Biei station)
主催 Biei Tourism Association
Notes 1.Buses will depart on time. Please make sure you are not to be late.
2.We always aim to operate our bus service on time. However, please note that unforseen circumstances such as road or weather conditions may cause us to shorten stoppage times at sightseeing locations, or to change the sightseeing route.
3.Please keep your valuables with you during the bus tour.
5.All seats are non-reserved but please not to move your seats after the tour start.

【Cancellation Policy】
10-8 days before the date you join : 20%
7-2 days before : 30%
1 day before : 40%
The day you join (before the tour starts): 50%
After the tour starts & No show : 100%
*Except in the case of cancellations due to the effects of natural disasters or the influence of COVID-19 infections.

If you have JR ticket "Furano Biei Free Ticket"(for children)" we will get a local gift ! Please show the ticket on the bus ticket counter !

 1. 官公署等の公的機関からの特段な注意喚起等や目的地・施設での制限が生じた場合は、ツアー中止や変更等の判断をさせて頂く場合がございます。
 2. 乗車時に検温を行い、37.5℃以上の方はご乗車をお断りさせて頂いております。
 3. 座席は全て指定席としています。ツアー中のお座席の移動はご遠慮ください。


Attractions in the Hill Town of Biei